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The NPower program is a social intervention scheme in Nigeria designed to empower young Nigerians through skills acquisition and development.  NASIMS, the National Social Investment Management System, is the official portal for the NPower program. If you’re a registered applicant or program participant, the NASIMS dashboard is your one-stop shop for managing your application, tracking progress, and accessing important program information.

Before exploring the dashboard’s features, you’ll need to log in using the credentials created during your N-Power application process. Visit the Nasims portal ([NASIMS.GOV.NG]) and enter your registered email address or application ID and password. If you encounter login issues, the Nasims website offers a password reset option. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the NASIMS dashboard effectively. We’ll delve into its functionalities, explore key features, and address frequently asked questions.

Nasim’s Dashboard Features And Functions


Upon successful login, you’ll be greeted by your personalised Nasims Dashboard. The layout may vary slightly depending on your N-Power program stage (application, shortlisted, or deployed), but generally, you’ll find sections dedicated to:

  • Profile: This section displays your personal information, including your name, contact details, and N-Power program details (program type, batch number, etc.). Ensure all information is accurate and update it if necessary to maintain clear communication with Nasims.
  • Verification: This section might be relevant during specific program stages and allows you to complete biometric verification, a crucial step for shortlisted candidates. Follow the on-screen instructions to ensure a smooth verification process.
  • Deployment: If you’ve been deployed to your designated placement after shortlisting, this section provides details about your assigned location, place of primary assignment (PPA), and supervisor contact information.
  • News and Updates: Stay informed about program developments, announcements, and important deadlines through this section. Nasims regularly updates this area, so check it frequently to avoid missing crucial information.
  • Payments: Once deployed and actively participating in the program, this section allows you to view your payment history and track upcoming stipends. Be mindful that payments might be subject to successful completion of assigned tasks and adherence to program guidelines.
  • Support: Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions, the support section provides contact details for the Nasims dedicated call centre and email address. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance if needed.

How To Improve Your Nasim Dashboard


1.Update Your Profile Regularly

Keeping your profile information up-to-date ensures you receive important program updates and facilitates seamless communication with Nasims. Update your contact details (phone number and email) if they change to avoid missing vital information.

2. Regularly Check News and Updates

The news and updates section is your gateway to staying informed about program developments, deadlines, and important announcements. Regularly checking this section ensures you’re aware of any changes or additional steps required throughout your N-Power journey.

3. Monitor Your Payment Status

Once deployed, the payments section becomes crucial. Regularly monitor your payment history and track upcoming stipends to ensure you receive your allocated benefits on time. If you encounter any discrepancies, contact Nasims support for clarification.

4. Utilise the Support Section

The Nasims Dashboard provides a dedicated support section with contact details for the program’s call centre and email address.  If you have questions, encounter technical difficulties, or require clarification on program guidelines, don’t hesitate to utilise this valuable resource.

Other options Includes:

  • Regular Login: Maintain consistent logins to stay updated on your application/deployment status, program announcements, and payment information.
  • Information Accuracy: Ensure all your profile information, particularly your bank details, is accurate and up-to-date to avoid delays in stipend disbursements.
  • Document Uploads: Complete all required document uploads within the stipulated timelines. Missing documents can stall your application or deployment process.
  • Clear Communication: Utilise the communication hub to address any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding the program.
  • Troubleshooting: If you encounter any technical difficulties accessing the dashboard or using its features, reach out to the Nasims support team through the designated email address or phone numbers provided on the official Nasims website (

Additional Resources

While the Sims Dashboard is your primary N-Power information hub, here are some additional resources to consider:

  • N-Power Official Website: The N-Power official website () provides comprehensive information about the program, its objectives, benefits, and eligibility criteria.
  • Social Media: Follow the N-Power program on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for real-time updates, announcements, and discussions with fellow program participants.
  • N-Power Community Forums: Online forums dedicated to the N-Power program can be a valuable space to connect with other participants, share experiences, and ask questions from a broader community perspective.


The Nasims Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to simplify your N-Power program experience. By understanding its functionalities and utilising it effectively, you can stay informed, manage your program participation seamlessly, and ultimately achieve success in the program. Remember, consistent communication, information accuracy, and proactive engagement with the resources available will pave the way for a rewarding N-Power experience. As you navigate your journey through the Nasims Dashboard,  remember the program’s core objective: to empower you and contribute to your professional development.

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