Top 10 Best Loan Apps In Ghana 2024 ( Instant Online Loan Apps )

Do you want to get a quick loan in Ghana but do not want to do that with traditional banks? If you answered yes to this question, then you should wear a smile because I’ve got good news for you. There are lots of loan apps in Ghana that give instant loans without much process. Read this article as we discuss some of the best.

Getting a loan from traditional banks and commercial loan companies is often laced with lots of drawbacks ranging from strict eligibility criteria through a long application process often requiring collateral and so much more.

However, the introduction of loan apps has helped to solve these problems as we now have many loan apps that give instant loans without many requirements and no collateral in Ghana. Let us see some of them in the next paragraph.

Best Loan Apps In Ghana


Below is a list of some of the best loan apps that you can use in Ghana and you will be paid in a few minutes.

  • Carbon.
  • Fido
  • CUDLoan
  • CediHelp.
  • GHLending.
  • WantCash
  • FundCedi
  • CocoaLoan
  • CediBoom
  • SikaPurse.


Carbon is one of the best loan apps that offer quick and easy loans to customers to customers in Ghana. With this app, you can get up to GHC 6,000 cash credited into your account in just a few minutes. It is an online app hence its application process is hassle-free. You do not have to worry about going to wait in long queues or submitting any paperwork.

All that is needed is to download the Carbon Loan mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store, install it, create an account, and start your application. Did I mention that the app has a user-friendly interface? Yes, it does hence even without much knowledge of the use of a computer, you can access it easily and the application process is streamlined.

Fido Loan

Fido is another loan app in Ghana that gives instant loans to Ghanaians. It also has a straightforward application process. Most importantly, it doesn’t require collateral and has simple eligibility criteria. Even if you have a bad credit score, you can access loans on Fido because it does not check your credit.

Fido does not work with any bank hence it does not require your bank details. If you qualify for a loan, the amount will be credited to your mobile wallet on the app. And can be used for any purpose of your choice. The loan amount of this app ranges from GHS 200 to GHS 3,000. Its repayment period is from 30 days depending on the amount that is borrowed.


If you want a loan app in Ghana that gives loans to only Ghana citizens, then CUDLoan is your best option. It is reckoned as one of the quickest online loan apps because it credits its customers within five minutes of applying for the loan.

The most interesting feature of this app is that it gives both short and long-term loans. Hence, various repayment plans could span between 90 days and one year. Interestingly also, it has competitive interest rates and the loan amount is between GHS 100 and GHS 5,000.

It must be noted that CUDLoan does not require a guarantor, collateral, or any form of paperwork. It has a very responsive customer support team that is ready to assist you whenever there is a need. They can be contacted through calls, emails, or chats and you will surely get a response without wasting much time. To get started, simply download its mobile app for all types of devices from your App Store or Play Store.


You can get between GHC100 and GHC 5,000 with CediHelp. It is also an online loan app with simple eligibility criteria and a streamlined application process. Its interest rate is between 2 and 30% depending on the amount that is borrowed and all the processes involved in getting the loan are done online. When filling out the application form, ensure that your details are entered correctly, and within a few minutes, you will get credited.


This also falls into our list of top loan apps in Ghana. It gives loans between the amount of GHC 100 and GHC 5,000 at the lowest interest rate ever. The CediHelp interest rate is 0.04% which makes it stand out among other loan apps in the country. It also has a 90-day to one-year repayment period and needs no collateral to get started.

WantCash – Credit Loan

This is a business app developed by WantCash Incorporated. This app makes it easy to get individual and business loans without much process. You do not need collateral and paperwork. All you need is to download its mobile app and follow the prompts to fill out an application form.

Note that you must be up to the age of 18 years and above to use this app. Its loan amount, repayment plan, and interest rates are impeccable. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity with this app.


Just like the others, FundCedi is another prominent loan app in Ghana that gives financial assistance in the form of loans to individuals in urgent need of cash. This loan app gives up to GHS 6,000 at a very affordable interest rate with a long repayment time. It also needs no collateral and paperwork hence its application process is fast and easy.


By downloading and registering on the Cocoaloan app, you are on your way to getting an instant loan from the app. All you need to do is click on the “get loan” icon and follow the prompt to enter a few details including the amount that you want to borrow and within a few minutes, you will be credited. It is a very simple process.


CediBoom is another mobile app that gives instant personal loans to individuals in need of finances to cater to their urgent needs. Its loans are on a short-term basis with convenient interest rates. You can get up to GHC 5,000 from this app and pay back at a selected repayment plan. It does not require collateral but will need to verify your identity before loans are approved.


SikaPurse comes last on our list of top loan apps in Ghana. Its loan can be accessed through the mobile app. It presents you with different loan options to choose from and each has its repayment plan. Hence the interest rate and repayment period varies with the amount that is lent to you.

Requirements To Get Loan From Loan Apps In Ghana


Although with varying requirements, most loan apps in Ghana require these from loan seekers.

  • Must be up to 18 years and above.
  • Must have a good credit score.
  • Should have a steady source of income or must be employed.
  • Must have an active phone number and email address, etc.

How To Determine The Best Loan Apps In Ghana


There are lots of loan apps out there and some of them are owned by scammers. Therefore, before you fill out your details into any loan app, ensure that they are the best. Here is how to determine the best loan apps in Ghana.

  • Check their licenses
  • Read through reviews by customers.
  • Read the app’s privacy policy
  • Ensure that the loan amount is not ridiculously high
  • Check the interest rate of the loan app.
  • Ensure to check when the app was created and how many users it has.

Are Loan Apps In Ghana Safe?

Yes, loan apps in Ghana are safe. Many of them are approved by the government to operate hence they are legit. However, be sure to trade carefully because there are phony and phishing apps out there.


There are many loan apps in Ghana that can meet your urgent financial needs at any time. We have shown you the top 10 best apps that can be used. We, however, encourage you to read the loan terms and conditions before opting for a loan.

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