Cup Loan Program Is It Legit? Here’s The Truth

Are you looking for a way to get quick loans and have come across the Cup Loan Program? Are you doubting its legitimacy hence you are asking “Is the Cup Loan Program Legit”. The quick answer is yes, it is legit and we have given many public facilities these loans. So read through this guide to understand how the program works before you go ahead to apply. We have answered all your questions in clear words and I know that after reading this, you will have no further doubts about this program. 

Many public facilities in rural areas of the United States are dilapidated. And there are limited finances to repair them or construct and build new facilities. This has been a major challenge over the years. Therefore, the government of the United States in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture has thought it wise to bring in an intervention scheme called the Cup Loan Program. 

With our program, you can get up to $50,000 without a credit check or collateral. The loan process is easy and the disbursement of money takes just a few hours. Do you want to know more about this program? Do you want to know if the Cup Loan Program is legit? Then read this article to the end. We will shed light on all that you need to know and also help you spot and avoid some of the Cup Loan Program scams on the internet today. 

What Is The Cup Loan Program?


If you read through our website, you will find all the details about us (Cup Losn Program). However, let’s see an overview of what we do. The Cup Loan Program is a loan scheme of the government in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA). It is designed to give loans to facilitate the renovation, reconstruction, and building of public facilities. The loan given could be used to re-equip facilities like schools, health facilities, libraries, community centers, and fire stations, among others. 

The simple aim of this program is to improve the economy and life of those living in rural areas. And you make sure that everyone has access to good facilities irrespective of one’s economic status. It will further interest you to know that this program is also called the Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) Loan Program. I know you will be asking “Is the Cup Loan Program legit?”. Find out in the next paragraph. 

Is The Cup Loan Program Legit?


The Cup Loan Program is a government program. It is offered by the USDA as noted earlier. And of course, any government program is official. They are licensed by the governing bodies in charge of such schemes hence their legitimacy cannot be contended. Therefore, the Cup Loan program is legit and not. 

Over the years of its establishment, many public facilities have gotten access to these loans. A good number of them are left satisfied with the easy application process and how quickly the funds are disbursed after they are approved. We are glad to have been able to reach out and improve the lives of people living in rural areas of the country through this scheme.

As much as we have stated that our program is legit, we wouldn’t want to turn a blind eye to the fact that there are a lot of scammers on the internet today that claim to be the Cup Loan Program all in the bid to defraud unsuspecting loan seekers. Read on to see how they operate and how you can easily spot a fake Cup Loan Program.

How To Spot A Fake Cup Loan Program 


The following are some of the ways to spot a Fake Cup Loan Program. 

Upfront fees: the original Cup Loan Program from us in line with the USDA, does not request an upfront fee for processing the loan. With the fake loan, however, you will be asked to pay hundreds of dollars to help with the loan process. 

Unsolicited Loan Offers: another way the scammers work is by sending you unsolicited messages via text, social media, email, etc. They would offer you a loan claiming that you need no collateral or credit check. When you see this, know that it is a scam. The original Cup Loan Program does not send offers rather you apply for the loan if need be. 

No Clear Loan Terms: Also, the fake Cup Loan Program has no clear loan terms, vague interest rates, repayment time, and so on. 

Urgent And Unprofessional Loan Offer: the loan offers most times are not professionally written. You could easily spot grammatical blunders and wrong spellings.

How To Avoid Illegal Cup Loan Scam


The simple way to avoid falling victim to the fake Cup Loan scam is to ignore all messages about the Cup. Avoid applying for a loan from unofficial websites. And remember to block the scammers immediately after you get an offer from them. Additionally, do not pay any money to anyone to help you with the loan process. 

What Can I Do If I Get Scammed Through Illegal Cup Loan Program?


If you fall victim to any of the fake Cup Loan programs online, take the following steps. 

  • Contact your bank and credit union immediately. This will enable them to block your account and if possible reverse the transactions. 
  • File a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It could help with tracing the fraudsters. 
  • Contact your local police to file a complaint.
  • File a complaint to the three major credit bureaus. 

Eligibility Criteria For The Cup Loan Program


The following are the requirements to apply for and get the loan. 

  • Must be a public facility licensed to provide essential services like schools, parks, hospitals, etc. 
  • The facility must be located in a rural area with a population of not more than 20,000 people. 

How To Apply For Cup Loan Program


To avoid falling victim to fake Cup Loan programs, visit the USDA office in your locality. There you will be made to fill out a form and guided through the entire process. Check here for the address of your local USDA

What Is The Cup Loan Repayment Plan Like?


This is a long-term loan for financing public facilities. Hence, its repayment time could be up to 40 years depending on the circumstances surrounding the loan. 



The Cup Loan Program is legit because it is a government scheme. However, scammers are feigning to be in charge of the loan and defrauding people. We have shown you how to differentiate the legit and fake Cup Loans. We also showed you how to avoid such scams and what to do if you get scammed. I hope you will start your application process after this 

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